My approach to coaching:

The most important aspect of a successful coaching engagement is the relationship between Coach and Client. It must be abundantly clear that we can talk about all the things that matter to you, what’s really happening, and what you wish was happening. Our work is confidential, honored, and held with the utmost integrity.

It’s imperative that the trust between us allows you to express, expand and experiment safely so that you can give yourself permission to try, stumble and get playful, and try new approaches.

When you show up more fully for yourself in our sessions, you’ll be amazed at what you can create.

You take the lead in the coaching relationship. Together, we explore the things that matter most to you, uncover the attributes, skills, and experiences that make you uniquely who you are, eliminate roadblocks, and help you create change that lasts.

You bring your wholeness, context, concerns, aspirations, truth, and ideas into our work. I’ll bring curiosity, listening and creativity, tools, strategies, experience, and expertise into the relationship.

Over the years, I’ve found that it’s not necessarily just your professional experience that shifts as we work together: It’s your ability to see yourself fully, think strategically, and confidently handle life’s inevitable ups and downs as you move toward what you truly want.

Leaders of organizations that engage senior and executive coaching report increased satisfaction and growth, as well as enhanced business impact and effectiveness.

Work matters.

Most of us will spend A LOT of time working. That creates lots of opportunities to learn and grow into ourselves, evolve and change, and impact the world around us.

However you spend your professional time and energy, you deserve to experience yourself as resourceful, creative, capable, and excited about how you’re contributing through the work you do.

The people, organizations and projects you lead need your impact while you deliver on your commitments with courage, clarity, and integrity.

And you can have work fit well into your life, amplifying and supporting the things that you value. You can have a relationship with work that includes healthy boundaries and leaves you feeling agency and choice.

Do you seek a thought partner who can help you design work, leadership, and a life that’s right for you?

Let’s talk.

I worked with Nayla last year through a major career transition, having left a large enterprise software company to work for a small but popular b2c mobile app for teens.

I can confidently say I wouldn’t still be in this role, and as equipped as I am, if it weren’t for Nayla. She’s able to tackle issues from the most high-level and philosophical (“What am I doing with my life? Is this really who I am?”) to the most tactical (“How do I get from a to b on this project? How do I resolve this conflict?”) with incredible insights and practical advice. During each session, she helped me distill my problems down to their essence and supported me as I created next steps that were applicable and manageable. From the first session, I loved her tone and sense of humor and felt confidence in having this complete stranger coach me through what can only be described as a professional minefield, and I got a lot more than I bargained for…by the end, I knew myself better in all aspects of my life, not just professional.  She ultimately helped me carve my dream job out of a very spiky role and I express my gratitude by referring every single person I know to her. Thank you, Nayla!!

Barrie S.

Global Head of Content, Digital Media

How we can partner.

Work can be purposeful, full of meaning, and satisfying. How you lead can be reflective of your values, your character, and your imprint on the world.

Let’s do the reflection, planning, and activity to bring your best work into the world.

Learn more about my services, how I think about coaching, and the coaching process.

  • Individual Services

Facing a leadership leap or professional transition that challenges you? Seeking clarity about your most important professional desires and the path to help you reach them?

When we work together, you’ll have a partner who creates time + space for you to understand your situation more clearly, offers new perspectives, supports you, introduces new ideas and tools, helps you with accountability, and encourages you to set bold goals for yourself as you align how you work with how you want to contribute to the world.

  • Corporate and Organizational Services

Your organization has unique leadership and people development needs. So, your leadership development, career planning strategy, and related programs should meet those needs and align with the goals you have for your employees and your organization overall.

From 1:1 coaching for your senior leaders, to coaching groups, workshops and programs that provide opportunities for leadership development and professional growth, I partner with companies and teams to create high-trust learning environments that offer employees the insight and strategies they need to be successful and impactful leaders.

You must be pretty amazing.

Your ability to talk proudly and honestly about your professional history, insights, and achievements is essential for your satisfaction and growth.

Most of us need some practice with this… let me help.

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Nayla is an incredibly effective and insightful coach (not to mention warm, approachable, and fun to work with!). She operates from a place of great empathy, but with a bias toward action. I left each coaching with a clear plan, valuable perspective, and having drawn on Nayla’s considerable knowledge and experience. With Nayla’s wisdom and guidance, I was able to successfully navigate a difficult career transition and move forward with confidence.

Casey C.

Director of Coaching


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