My approach to coaching:

The most important aspect of a successful coaching engagement is the relationship between Coach and Client. It must be abundantly clear that we can talk about all the things that matter to you, what’s really happening, and what you wish was happening. Our work is confidential, honored, and held with the utmost integrity.

It’s imperative that the trust between us allows you to express, expand and experiment safely so that you can give yourself permission to try, stumble and get playful, and try new approaches.

When you show up more fully for yourself in our sessions, you’ll be amazed at what you can create.

You take the lead in the coaching relationship. Together, we explore the things that matter most to you, uncover the attributes, skills, and experiences that make you uniquely who you are, eliminate roadblocks, and help you create change that lasts.

You bring your wholeness, context, concerns, aspirations, truth, and ideas into our work. I’ll bring curiosity, listening and creativity, tools, strategies, experience, and expertise into the relationship.

Over the years, I’ve found that it’s not necessarily just your professional experience that shifts as we work together: It’s your ability to see yourself fully, think strategically, and confidently handle life’s inevitable ups and downs as you move toward what you truly want.

Leaders of organizations that engage senior and executive coaching report increased satisfaction and growth, as well as enhanced business impact and effectiveness.

Collected thoughts and resources to inspire reflection and action.

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